Will Rotapoint offset mounts work with my ______ scope?

Our 30mm offset mounts work with nearly all 1-4 through 1-10 variable power optics.  The optical axis (centered reticle) of your primary optic to the edge of your windage turret should be less than 1.4”.  Our Geissele and Nightforce 34mm RMR mounts T34 and NT34 have a ¼” elevated mounting surface to give you more available window with optics with larger windage turrets such as the 34mm Trijicon Credo and Nightforce ATACR.  Our models L30, L34, 76, and 86 are also good choices if your primary optic has large turrets.  The Holosun 509T mounted on our RMR-compatible models is also a good choice. 

Some LPVOs, such as the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6, allow users to swap the windage and elevation caps for improved offset reticle visibility.  Note: always tighten your caps before shooting, as they can loosen and get lost. 

The Leupold Mk8 CQBSS – a rare optic these days – is about the only 1-x LPVO we are aware of with incompatibly large turrets. 

How do the LaRue Tactical and American Defense Manufacturing versions attach? 

We take advantage of host mounts designs to clamp on to the exposed cantilever section, and use the front edge of the base of the scope to protect against frontal impacts, and the front scope ring to protect against rearward impact.  It’s a rock-solid attachment method. 

How do I zero a Rotapoint offset mount?

At your preferred distance (50 yards, 100 meters, etc), cant your rifle with a bipod or shooting bag and ensure the offset mounting surface is level.  Zero windage and elevation as you would normally.  You may also bore sight your offset optic to a zeroed primary optic reticle with a fixed object in the distance.  This will help you get very close on paper before you live fire at a range. 

What about left-handers?

Leupold’s DeltaPoint Pro and our model L30 is a great solution for left-handed shooters.  Other suitable optics for left-handers with our Gancho range include our H30, with Holosun 509T footprint, and the compatible Holosun SCRS.  You may also use an Aimpoint Comp M5, Sig Romeo5X, Vortex SparcAR, or Holosun 515CR or similar optic on a riser with our model A30. 

A left-handed version of our ADM/RMR model 84 is coming in 2024. 

Why "Gancho"?

When viewed from the side these models look like the letter "G".  They also look like a hook, and hook on and over the scope.  "Gancho" means hook in Spanish.  And it sounds good.  

Why not use a Picatinny rail offset mount?

We designed our system from the ground up for consistent cheek weld, minimal wrist and head movement, and consistent and predictable holds at distance on M4 dimension upper receivers.  In short, we like to keep it efficient.  Attaching an offset optic to the optic mount

  • Moves both optics together for cleaning, storage, and transit, with a consistent return to zero.
  • Attaches them both to an upper receiver, which unlike a handguard, has minimal flex
  • Places both optics closer, for faster transitions
  • Frees up space around the charging handle and magnification throw lever
  • Frees up space where you are likely to grab the rifle.
  • Keeps the offset mount and optic away from the ejection port
  • Less likely to snag on gear or objects

Compatible 1-__x LPVOs:

  • Burris RT6
  • EOTech Vudu 1-6, 1-8
  • Leupold 1-6 Mk6, 1.5-5 VX 3HD, and most others except Mk8 CQBSS
  • Millett DMS-1
  • Nightforce NX8 1-8, 2.5-20
  • Nightforce ATACR 1-8, with RDS riser
  • Nightforce ATACR 1-8 with models NT34 and T34
  • Primary Arms GLX, PLX, SLX
  • Riton X7 1-8
  • Sig Tango 1-6 MSR, 1-8 MSR, Tango4, Tango6T
  • Swampfox Arrowhead
  • Vortex Crossfire II 1-4, Razor II 1-6, Strike Eagle 1-6, Viper PST 1-6, Razor III 1-10
  • Zeiss Conquest V6